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The Internet Is For Porn - A music video of the hilarious song from the Broadway musical Avenue Q. - Listen to real 911 emergency phone calls online.
That's What She Said! - A funny music video collage of NBC television shows that use the humorous phrase when referring to anything that sounds sexual.
Box In A Box and Box In A Box: The Movie.
Confessions - Read other peoples' confessions, or confess something of your own. - Over 10,000 funny videos you can watch online: accidents, webcam footage, commercials, stunts, animations, home movies, and more.
A Men's Room Monologue - Funny animated movie about the various problems involved in using a public men's bathroom.
Naked Woman (Steep Hill) - A big boobed lady riding a bike down a steep hill. You get to choose how she crashes. - Create gross stuff online like burps, farts, boogers, vomit,
etc. and email it to your friends and family. - A funny list of porno movie names based on real movies -
American Booty, Buffy The Vampire Layer, On Golden Blonde, Rambone, Schindler's Fist, and much more. - Read about the hilarious pranks that the crazy people from this site pull.
Flush The Web - Only the worst sites on the world wide web updated daily. - A list of dirty pickup lines for men to use to meet women. - List Of Possible Slogans Promoting National Condom Week. - A List of Peoples' Names That Are Dirty Sounding. - New Types Of Orgasms. - A Big List Of Dirty Limericks. - The Penis List. Funny penis types such as the Bud Lite Penis "Taste Great, Less Filling" or the Starburst Penis "The Juice is Loose"
Awful Pastic Surgery - See the before and after photos of all your favorite celebrities who have had awful plastic surgery. - Find the meanings of hundreds of sexual slang terms. - Look at real user submitted photos of people molesting statues. - The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.
F**k Her Gently - Funny x-rated animated music video from Tenacious D. Lead singer is actor Jack Black (Orange County, Shallow Hal, School of Rock).
Bathroom Habits Survey - Take it and see how other people answered. - View this optical illusion and be amazed.
Liquid Generation - Funny stuff.
Mad Blast - flash animations, pictures, videos and more humor.
Stupid Videos - Hundreds of videos of people doing stupid stuff: crashes, pranks, funny animals, kids, etc. Like America's Funniest Home Videos but much better.
Spam Radio - Listen to spam emails streamed 24 hours a day over web radio. Why you ask? Because it could be done!
Wrecked Exotics - Car crash photos of exotic cars such as the Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari 360 Modena, Dodge Viper, Mclaren F1, Bugatti, Ferrari F50, and more. - Find out what slang words really mean. - Features fictional crime cases. It is a unique combination of interactive storytelling and gaming. To participate, examine the evidence and share your tips, leads and observations. The current case is updated each week with items such as: evidence photos, coroner reports, witness interviews and surveillance video.
Anger Central - Feeling annoyed? Has someone really pissed you off? Why sit in your office and get all hot and bothered about stupid co-workers, your mother in-law or anything else that makes you want to fly off the handle? Don't keep it in, share it with the entire world.
Am I Hot Or Not? - Look at photos of men and women and rate them on a scale of one to ten, or submit your own picture to be rated by others. - Funny pictures, funny billboards, stange stuff, trivia, funny articles, and more. - funny animations, games, comics, and downloads. - Lots of goofy stuff. - humorous photos, video clips, computer programs, text, and sound clips.
Stick Death
- watch stick figures die tragic deaths. - Disgusting photos of mutilated dead people.
- assasinate your favorite celebrities - a web site full of "yo mamma" type insults.
Joe Cartoon - funny, sometimes violent cartoon series - Life's Unanswered Questions
Create Farts - create your own farts online and listen to them. - Funny, R-rated 'Twas The Night Before Christmas poems.

Visit for funny videos, crazy photos, jokes, video games and more!

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