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A Fox Executive’s 1976 Memo on <i>Star Wars</i>

Iowa Republican Congressional Candidate Says We Should Just Start Killing Some of These Dang Immigrants

Partiers Charge into a Dust Whirlwind

Cleveland Police Officer Claims He Told Tamir Rice to Show His Hands Three Times in Two Seconds Before Shooting Him

Meet The Woman With 74-Inch Hair, And Whose Daughter’s Are Following Suit

Today Your Snapchat Posts Can Help Raise Money To Combat AIDS

Texting Snowman

This Fan Gave Public Enemy A Lift To Their Arena Gig In His Ford Focus

U.S. Will Send Permanent "Expeditionary Force" to Fight ISIS in Iraq

The Associated Press has a handy explainer on Puerto Rico’s $72 billion public debt crisis.

The HIV-Positive College Wrestler "Tiger Mandingo" Never Had a Chance in Court

Mark ZuckerBerg Announces $45 Billion Donation In Emotional Status

Mark Zuckerberg Will Donate Massive Fortune to Own Blinkered Worldview

Images From Moments That Make You Think "I Need An Adult!"

500 Days of Kristin, Day 311: 

When Your Boss Is An Uber Algorithm

The 'Super Smellers' And Artificial Noses Sniffing Out Diseases

Going Back To A Home I Never Knew

How Did Drudge *** Up His Bear *** Scoop?

The "Gotham" Fall Finale Teased The Return Of A Beloved Character

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