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Emotional Ellen DeGeneres Comforted By Robert De Niro After Receiving Medal Of Freedom

38 Years After Young Wife Dies, Construction Crew Hands Him A Note She Kept Hidden In The Walls

Thanksgiving, A Celebration Of Inequality

Trump Offers UN Ambassadorship To SC Gov Nikki Haley

Global Warming Alters Arctic Food Chain, Scientists Say, With Unforeseeable Results

Fix Your Teeth, Without The Whole 'Having Braces' Thing

Hillary Clinton Urged To Call For Election Vote Recount In Battleground States

White Nationalists See Trump As Their Troll In Chief. Is He With Them?

Downhill Mountain Biker Rides A Rusty City Bike Down A Mountain

Funny Pictures – November 23, 2016

The Invention of News

TV Presenter Pranks The Public Saying Seth Rogen’s Dead While He Films Their Reactions

Vegas *** Does ‘The Mannequin Challenge’, I Think We Have A Winner

15 Of The Most Awkward Tinder Conversations I’ve Ever Seen

PETA Serve People ‘Dog’s Milk’ To Encourage Them To Go Vegan

Drawing A *** On Eyelids Is The Latest Bizarre Trend And I Can’t Even

Father And Son Find A Strange Object Hiding Inside An Old Sand Dollar

Newborn Baby Refuses To Let Go Of Her Mom’s Face, Nurse Has Never Seen This Before

How Comedian Chris Gethard Found Redemption In A Dumpster

21 Hilarious Tweets About The Joys Of Marriage

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