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Scientists Think This Is Where Your Consciousness Lives

The MacBook Pro Has Outsold Every Laptop But The MacBook

*** Mandate For *** Industry Falls Short In California

In The ’30s This Creepy Contraption Was Used To Alter Women’s Faces For Vanity

Here's What The 2,000 Mile US-Mexican Border Actually Looks Like

Horribly Ugly Sweaters From The 1980s

9 Dark And Tragic Secrets Hiding Behind The 2 Original ‘Family Feud’ Hosts

No One Pays Attention To Man In Blue Cowboy Hat, Then They Hear His Voice And Realize He’s Bono

Toxic Black Mold: 7 Symptoms In Your Body And Home You Should Never Ever Ignore

Pregnant Couple Opens Box To Reveal Baby’s Gender — But They Get The Wrong Balloons

Will Bryan Cranston, Ne-Yo and More Move to Canada Now?

Girl Is Always Bullied By 2 Teen Callers, Then A Third Voice She’s Never Heard Gets On The Phone

Dad Posts Incredible Bonding Moments Of His Kids And Dogs To Defend His Parenting Decisions

Speed Flying Through The Alps Seems Like A Thrilling Way To Lose A Leg

After Hurricane Sandy, One Neighborhood Gives Itself Back to Nature

Researchers Build A Better Qubit In Quantum Computing Breakthrough

The History Of Butter

The Subversive, Non-Creepy Charm Of Mexican Street Clowns

Doctors Help Courageous Teen With ‘Skin As Fragile As A Butterfly’ Get Ready For Prom

5-Year-Old Who Could Die If She Gets Sad Begs For Cards To Keep Her Happy

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