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What The Early, Hands-On Reviews Think About The Macbook's New Touch Bar

Shareware: The Original In-App Purchase

We Built A Fake Web Toaster To Tempt The Mirai Botnet. It Was Hacked In An Hour.

Christ's Burial Place Exposed For First Time in Centuries

Google’s Neural Networks Invent Their Own Encryption

Cameras Catch Car Steal Jeep’s Parking Spot, Then Driver Gets Clever Revenge

Mum Accidentally Uses Weed Butter For Family Dinner, Things Get Super Weird

Nail Melts Completely After Coming Into Contact With A Rock

Dad Sets Up Hidden Camera To Prank His Little Dog, Seconds Later Karma Teaches Him A Lesson

The Champ

Traveller Set To Become The Fastest Woman To Visit Every Country In The World

Wakeboarding On Top Of Cargo Ship Containers With A Giant Crane As A Tow Cable

Tom Cruise Finally Responds To Louis Theroux’s Damning Scientology Documentary

Running While Female

The Strange History Of Ghost Hunting Gadgets

Nurses Bring Cheer And Inspiration To NICU Families With Handmade Halloween Costumes

Here Are Some Of The Best Ever Vines Before Twitter Finally Kills It

Guy Saves Alpaca From Meat Factory, And Now They’re Best Friends!

RIP Universe: Your Time Is Coming... Slowly

Mom’s 2-Year-Old Suddenly Dies From An Infection, Then She’s Stunned By Kindness Of Strangers

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