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UFC Fighter Defecates Live Trying to Escape a Chokehold

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Stay Out of Arizona

10+ Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh

Mom Shares Her Son’s Crazy Surgery Bill To Show What Will Happen Under Trumpcare

Operation Tracer: The Secret Plan To Bury Soldiers Alive Inside The Rock Of Gibraltar

Frightening New Swimsuit Fashion Trend

Funny Pictures – June 26, 2017

Rihanna Reached out to a Number of World Leaders on Twitter and Everyone Loved It

Purple Woman Wants Even Bigger ***, Saying She Wants to Be Known for Her ‘Extreme Cosplay Look’

What It's Like To Be Submerged Inside A Giant Water Balloon When It Bursts

Lady Gaga Hikes in Heels and Mother Nature Is Shook

Dashca Polanco’s Daughter Played ‘Young Daya’ on Orange Is the New Black and They’re Literally Twins

It’s Been 20 Whole Years since the First Harry Potter Book Was Released, Here’s What HP Has Taught Us

Ogilvy’s Award-Winning Campaign Completes Bottom Half Of Famous Portraits

This Guy Just Got The Best Revenge On His *** Coworker

21 Pictures Reminding You That Cats Just Want to Watch the World Burn

What Veterans Look Like After A Decade Of War In The Middle East In 10+ Shocking Pics By David Jay & James Nachtwey

Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot Take the Cutest Photo with Their Daughters

20 Hilarious Memes That Will Make You Giggle

It Was All a Dream!?!?

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