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Adorable Little Girl Becomes Uncontrollably Giddy As Pony *** Around The Yard

Mom Gives Birth To Healthy Twins, Then Suddenly She’s On The Brink Of Death

The History of the Rubber Duck

Iceland Remains Stupidly Beautiful, Even Underwater

Why Do People's Veins Pop Out When They're Super-Jacked?

Marijuana Sales Spike At Thanksgiving

Marc Andreessen Believes In Flying Cars

Obama Commutes Sentences Of 79 More Federal Inmates

‘World’s Heaviest Man’ Hasn’t Left His Bed In 6 Years, Then One Day He Finally Stands Up

Turkey Cheeseball: The Cheap, Yummy, And Adorable Appetizer Family And Friends Will Love

Camera Catches Roomful Of Gymnasts Frozen In Mid-Action In This Unbelievable Mannequin Challenge

Mom Sees Purple Rash On Daughter’s Legs, Then Doctors Tell Her She Won’t Survive

Trump Admits That His Charity Broke The Rules, And More Transition News

Shooting Bullets Through The Propeller Of A WWI Plane With A Machine Gun

A Supercut Of Terrible CGI From '90s Movies

Camera Records Candy Bowl, Then Baby Drops Down From The Ceiling Like A Burglar

9 Surprising Secrets Hiding Behind Precious Moments Figurines

Kids Picked On Him At School, Then 35 Years Later, His Bully Sends Him A Note About It

Camera Catches Puppy’s First Snow Interaction And It’s Hysterically Adorable

Mom’s Belly Swells After Roller Coaster Rides Make Her Sick, Revealing Surprise Triplets

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