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Christmas Thieves Get Pranked Hard With Exploding Boobytrapped Packages

Grandma Can’t Afford Family Dinner On X-Mas, Then Reporter Gives Her Red Box

Landlord Recorded Having *** In Tenants's Bed Now Free On Bond Following Arrest

Landlord Recorded Having *** In Tenants's Bed Now Free On Bond Following Arrest

Apprehensive Dog Sniffs Owner 2 Years After Being Stolen, Then Goes Absolutely Crazy

Veteran GOP Spokesman Sean Spicer Named White House Press Secretary

Mischa Barton Looks At 30

Wife Has Had 6 Miscarriages, Opens Front Door And Sees Stranger Left Pile Of Baby Toys Outside

The Fascinating Reason Why Some People Have A Small Hole Above Their Ear

Waiter Breaks Down In Tears When Stranger Gives Him A Tip That Changes His Life

Man Gives Girlfriend A Pint Of Her Favorite Ice Cream, And She Freaks When She Looks At Flavor

Daughter With Down Syndrome Is Rejected By Employers, So She Makes Her Dream Job A Reality

The Hydraulic Press In Infinitely Better When It's Flaming Hot

Genius Pet Owners Who Found a Way To Protect Their Christmas Trees

This Is What Moms Really Want For Christmas

Couple Has Been Dating Since 1975 But He Didn’t Pop The Question For 41 Years

Parents Convince Kids They’re Taking Vacation, Daughter Cries Happy Tears When It’s Canceled

Little Boy’s Reaction To Finally Being Adopted After Foster Care Has Everyone In Tears


Grandparents Wait For Baby’s Gender Reveal, But Are Baffled When Green Balloon Pops Out Instead

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